Technology @ Kansara

At Kansara, we are a group of technology-centered people. We, being the youngest, are the most nimble taper roller manufacturing company with respect to our technology selection. We continue to boldly experiment and adopt the latest technologies in several areas of roller manufacturing. A few examples can be quoted in this regard.

Cold forging for rollers

Firstly, we use cold forging for rollers. This ensures correct grain orientation for rollers.

World's only company working on below-center grinding

Secondly, we are the only company working on below-center grinding for taper rollers. This is a paradigm-shift with respect to what is prevalent in the industry. Below-center grinding not only provides several advantages with respect to the achievement of geometrical parameters on taper rollers but also with regard to removing redundant corrective processes.

Use of machine-vision technologies

Thirdly, we are aggresively pursuing machine vision technologies for on-line feedback and monitoring of our processes. This endeavor has helped us take leaps in ensuring consistent quality for our taper rollers and great satisfaction for our customers.