Sourcing Raw Material

Bearing applications require highly specialized steel which is classified as Bearing Steel. At Kansara, we use two categories of Bearing Steel, to manufacture taper rollers, based on customer requirement.

  • Through Hardened Steel ­ SAE 52100 / 100Cr6 / SUJ2
  • Case Hardened Steel AISI 8620 / 8219 / 8720

This steel needs to meet very stringent standards of chemistry, micro-cleanliness and micro-structure in order to be suitable for bearing purposes. Such high quality can only be achieved by very rigorous steel making processes involving complex casting techniques and advanced wire drawing technology. The quality of the steel is very important for the life of the rollers and hence the bearings. We employ a two pronged approach to address this strict requirement of material.

First, we source our material only from the world’s most renowned manufacturers of steel.

Second, we have a thorough and strong inward inspection process employing the best equipment from the world.